Provides a digital key

…for professionals who need access to apartment blocks and residences

BEKEY provides access more than five million times each year in… 

Danish municipalities

Norwegian municipalities

BEKEY provides access more than five million times each year in…

Danish municipalities

Norwegian municipalities

A cloud-based key management solution – for professionals 

BEKEY unlocks doors via a smartphone or tablet, where BEKEY SmartHardware is installed. 


Process optimisation

Avoid the hassle of physical keys, burdensome administration and extra time spend on hand-overs. Create and revoke digital access instantly from a browser. 


Easy-to-use digital tools enable the entire process – from ordering fitting and installing SmartHardware to opening doors with the BEKEY App. 

For better safety and security

No unauthorised copies or lost keys. Digital keys are temporary. Door access is logged at user level. 

Hasslefree Digital Keys

BEKEY’s solution provides daily assistance to e.g. caregivers, delivery services and other service providers. They avoid the hassle of key management, physical key hand-overs and the risk of mislaying a key, to which they are entrusted. BEKEY provides easy, safe and efficient access for professional users who need to unlock doors at apartment blocks and residential homes. 

The BEKEY solution digitises the key that residents usually loan out to entrusted professionals, such as caregivers and service providers. The user receives a digital, personal and temporary key via his or her smartphone or tablet. BEKEY is a key management tool that allows administrative staff to organise, manage and check which keys are assigned to whom, and where and when they may be used. 

NETKEY: Who has access – and where to?

NETKEY is our cloud-based software solution that handles solution administration. As a system administrator, NETKEY makes it easy for you to ensure that the correct users have access to the correct addresses and can unlock doors using their smart device. When the need for installation, maintenance or removal is identified, the BEKEY installation process starts in NETKEY. When the SmartHardware is mounted at the address, the fitter uses Install App to complete the installation process.









This is how BEKEY works

Install App: The physical key goes digital 

The unique BEKEY Install App eliminates the need for tiresome lists and Excel spreadsheets that constantly have to be updated to ensure that you know which hardware devices are installed where. The Install App ensures a smooth fitting and installation process. Once fitted, the SmartLock device is connected to an access point/address. The device is configured using a user-friendly configuration wizard. The door can now be unlocked using digital keys. 

SmartHardware – Makes the door communicate via Bluetooth

To unlock doors via your smartphone, you need either BEKEY SmartLock (left) or SmartRelay (right). SmartRelay is designed for lobby doors with intercoms. SmartLock can be retrofitted to most front doors. A SmartLock device can be dismounted and reused countless times. Both SmartHardware devices are concealed in existing door unit and invisible from the outside. 

The BEKEY App: Opening the door

The BEKEY App replaces your physical bundle of keys. Log in and use your digital key when you arrive at a door fitted with a SmartLock or SmartRelay. Eliminates the hassle of physical keys – and prevents the risk of unauthorised key possession. 
The design is intuitive and user-friendly, and the App is compatible with Android and iOS. 

What do customers say about the BEKEY solution? 

“Day-to-day key administration and access have become much easier now that we have BEKEY. The system makes it easy and simple to give our 80 municipal caregivers access to clients’ homes. We avoid many extra hand-overs and, in an emergency, we can get into the client’s home fast in order to provide help.” 

Jette T. Jensen

Administrator, Glostrup Municipality, Denmark