Smart lock solutions used in the furniture industry … Who knew?!

A quality smart lock solution can streamline access management in any industry. It comes down to the management’s decision to invest in a new access control solution that has the potential to bring multiple layers of benefits. Soeco kontorsmöbler AB Dalby chose BEKEY
electronic locks and digital key distribution & administration system to streamline their access management and make their daily operations more efficient.
Soeco has 16 employees and they operate their business out of the newly renovated property close to the entrance roundabout of the Dalby society in Skåne. Soeco’s business concept is to sell recycled office furniture of high quality to companies. Soeco brushes on new lacquer, reupholster the seat cushions, puts on coats, and prepares the furniture so that the client can get quality office furniture that looks as good as new while paying less.
For their property, Soeco wanted to upgrade to a new key system that is safe, functional and easy to use by the employees. The system was to be installed in the office and warehouse property in Dalby. Soeco looked at different solutions and evaluated many options. Their decision ultimately came down in favour of the system that they considered to be the most technically fitted and safe for their business, they chose BEKEY.

Soeco’s main requirements were that the electronic locks could be installed on all office doors and cargo truck gates at the property, and that the key distribution & management system will be easy to implement and use.

These conditions were fully met by BEKEY. All BEKEY locks are retrofit, easy to install products and BEKEY has a cloud-based
key administration system, NETKEY. NETKEY allows the client to: create and edit users, send digital keys to an employee’s mobile phone and easily delete those keys when they are no longer required, create and edit key bundles, order installation or removal of BEKEY units, have access to different types of reports: battery status, statistics regarding openings, user logs etc.

BEKEY A/S gained the confidence of Soeco to deliver a complete electronic locking solution, which included locks and a digital key distribution & administration system. Now, the employees can easily open doors and cargo truck gates with their mobile phones via the BEKEY app.

The NETKEY administrator, who is part of the Soeco staff, obtained certification in using NETKEY. Now, he can easily administrate
access for all employees, from his computer or tablet. For example, a truck driver, that needs to deliver or retrieve goods, receives a digital key on his mobile phone, to the specific cargo truck gate he needs to access. Thus the delivery or retrieval of goods can in that way be done at any time of the day, regardless whether the staff is at the location or not.
NETKEY allows for the administration of an unlimited number of users, keys, and BEKEY devices.

If you also consider upgrading your business to a smart lock solution, contact us and learn how BEKEY can help you
streamline your day-to- day operations.

Soeco kontorsmöbler AB, contact; Tor Sjödin.
BEKEY A/S, contact; Country manager Sweden Mats Påhlsson.

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