Industry reports are showing that construction companies are slow in adopting new technologies, including digital systems for access management. Many companies still rely on paper-based processes that often drive the overhead costs and cause project delay.

The report elaborated by Agarwal and co. (2016) “The digital future of construction”, reveals that R&D spending in construction has traditionally been lagging behind other industries and the focus was more on favoring incremental improvements rather than taking radical steps in shaping the industry. However, nowadays the construction industry can benefit from the major breakthroughs and digital technologies already implemented and tested in other industry sectors, thus reducing the risks and ensuring a smoother implementation process.

Fearing the new usually comes at a high cost. When your competitors have adopted digital technologies to optimize their construction sites, this means that they can build faster, better and at a reduced cost. If just a couple of years ago, due in part to the economic crisis and the price of digital technologies for construction, the investments in this type of solutions were accessible only to the big companies. Today, many of these types of digital solutions have reached an affordable price and the investment can be easily recouped, even by the SME.

If you are looking for new technologies that can help you deliver the project on time and ensure that you do not go over budget, the below list can offer you an overview of some the most important digital technologies being used on construction sites across the globe:

Digital access management

Allows project managers to have a complete overview of who entered the site, when and for how long. There are a multitude of devices that are being offered on the market, such as smart locks, secured turnstiles, biometric technology, card readers. The benefits of having a digital access management system in place on your site can help you avoid bottleneck issues, increase accountability for property damage and meet the project deadline. Read more about how construction companies are using digital access management on their sites 

Construction management software

Promotes leaner communication and information sharing process between the project team members. Their main functionality is streamlining project planning, documentation management, providing transparency and increase accountability. Using digital collaboration platforms allows contractors to monitor the project and have timely interventions in correcting the delays. See what platforms might be used by your competitors .

3D printing

3D printing technology has been booming in the last couple of years, and we have all heard the news about concrete houses in China or Europe’s first 3D printed house that will be built in Denmark. Some of the most important advantages of 3D print building are: the required quantity of building materials is smaller, accurate models are created and can be easily assembled, and the execution time is greatly reduced. Read more about 3D printing in construction industry here

What digital technology are you using on your construction site?

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