Malmo municipality case study

BEKEY – A trusted manufacturer on the digital access control technology for the home care market.

Malmo municipality in Sweden implemented the BEKEY digital access distribution system, as an improved alternative to the traditional key management system previously used.

The decision to adopt the digital access management system, manufactured by BEKEY, was based on a pilot installation made by BEKEY. The results of an independent research contracted by the municipality showed that 96% of the residents included in the study expressed a positive attitude towards having the BEKEY SmartLocks on their doors. In what regards the municipality staff, 93% considered that the BEKEY system contributed to a better working environment in terms of reduced stress, an improved response time to alarms, time savings and increased security for both staff and residents.

BEKEY Digital Distribution and administration

BEKEY has been on the access control technology market for 8 years. The company started developing its business in Scandinavia, and through partners and distributors is now present in Western Europe, US, Japan and UAE.

BEKEY offers a complete hardware and software solution, developed in-house, that has the potential to optimize the workflow, improve security and reduce the operational costs in access management. The primary clients for BEKEY are municipalities and other governmental institutions, who require a reliable and flexible solution to handle a large number of access points, employees, residents and third party collaborators.

All BEKEY products are operated through a proprietary mobile app and NETKEY, a cloud-based software. The mobile app activates the BEKEY units via Bluetooth connectivity. The cloud-based software, NETKEY, is a user-friendly management software that allows the administrator to have real-time, complete overview over who entered and left the premises, create instant access and remove the access when no longer needed. The solution is completely safe using HTTPS, SSL and BEKEY´s own proprietary AKEP encryption.

Malmo Municipality

Malmo municipality has approximately 13000 residents in need of home care, and there are approximately 8000 employees hired by the municipality in the home care system. The municipality conducted a study and identified that the time spent on getting and retrieving keys amounts to approximately 34 hours/week. They concluded that a digital key management system could help reduce the time spent on handling keys.

To manage this large number of employees and access points, the Malmo municipality decided in 2014 to test the value of implementing a digital access management system. The chosen system would need to improve the delivery of care to the residents and increase the overall efficiency of the whole process.

The Malmo project represents by far the largest tender in electronic locking systems, for healthcare in Europe. BEKEY won the tender on price and quality, leading us to believe that we have the best system on the market at the right price.

The BEKEY system is configured to support a large number of users and access points, that need to be managed in a streamlined manner. This model worked perfectly for Malmo municipality, as they need the system to support at least 9000 BEKEY SmartLock units and 8000 users. Due to the user-friendly platform and the improved workflow , the Malmo staff had a very pleasant experience with the BEKEY system since the beginning of the pilot project. According to Margareta Hedlund , head of home services group in Fosie, the level of satisfaction with the system was high, and they would gladly recommend it to other municipalities and businesses.
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Malmo Municipality Case Study

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