How can property management companies benefit from digital access management

Commerce Park Apartments managed by Capstone Real Estate – Case study

1. BEKEY Digital Access Distribution and Administration System

At BEKEY, we make it our mission to offer our clients an access control solution that streamlines their day-to-day operations and that will help them reduce their overhead costs. Like with any great idea, it all started with a quest to find a simple solution to an unnerving problem. One of the largest distribution companies in Scandinavia noticed how ineffective it is for paper commercial distributors to ring every door in order to gain access into the apartment buildings to do their job. The cost of time spent was much greater than investing into a new technology, that will allow paper commercial distributors to gain access into the building with their phones, do their job and be on their way. Since then, BEKEY expanded its operations and some of our most important customers today are the property management companies.

The property management industry, especially multifamily, is highly influenced by the homeownership rate. When the economy is recovering, like it has been in the last few years, more people choose to become homeowners instead of renting. This places an additional strain on the property management companies, that are striving to attract new customers and/or reduce their costs in order to stay competitive on the market. Wages are the most important cost for property management companies.
In order to increase the operational efficiency and reduce the overhead costs, property management companies started to adopt smart locks and digital access distribution and administration systems for their properties. Even though it is still in its development phase, the era of digital access management is far from being uncharted territory. BEKEY has been developing access control solutions for over 8 years, being now present in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Japan, UAE and US.

The traditional key management system and the safety regulations set in place, imply that employees need to travel back and forth, thus spending a great deal of their working time getting and returning the keys. With BEKEY’s digital access distribution and administration system, they can gain access to the property with their phones and therefore have a more efficient working schedule. Another major benefit of the digital access management system is that virtual keys cannot be lost or misplaced. Thus, the cost of changing locks and copying keys is eliminated. Furthermore, the company can also distribute digital access to its residents. For example, residents can access common areas with their smart phones, and in this way, the building manager has a better overview of how often the area is accessed and for how long.

2. BEKEY system implementation at Commerce Park Apartments managed by Capstone Real Estate

Commerce Park Apartments in Houston Texas chose the BEKEY Digital Access Distribution and Administration system. One of their challenges was handling access to the fitness area for residents and maintenance personnel. The management staff would check out one single key to residents needing access to the gym. Check out / check in logs for the key became a burden on the management staff. The key was most likely copied allowing unpermitted access around the clock. The company had vandalism incidents in the past and they decided to use the BEKEY system, to reduce the costs of replacing expensive fitness equipment and also to track the time intervals during which the fitness room is most frequently used.

Commerce Park Apartments installed a BEKEY SmartLock on the gym door and distributed 60 digital keys to their residents and maintenance staff. Bekey allowed management staff the ability to set specific access schedules in coordination with operating hours of the fitness center, and has helped the facility remain more secure. The employees and residents can now get access with their smartphones, via Bluetooth, using the BEKEY app.

The distribution of key and access management is done through NETKEY. NETKEY is a cloud-based digital distribution and access management software, that helps bring all the BEKEY products into the same ecosystem. The system administrator at Commerce Park Apartments can access NETKEY from any computer which has internet access, using her login credentials and gets instant access to key, address and user logs. Therefore, she has a complete overview of who accessed the fitness room, at what time and for how long. In case a user loses their phone, the key can be easily deactivated via the NETKEY system, thus eliminating the threat that an unauthorized party can get access.

The main reasons Commerce Park Apartments chose to implement the BEKEY system are:

  • Retrofit hardware products, thus no altering or modifications to the door or gates are necessary.
  • Easy installation
  • User friendly mobile application
  • High-security encryption protocols
  • NETKEY system capabilities
    • Send digital keys to users in a matter of seconds
    • Remove access in case a user loses his phone, or when he should not have access to the address anymore
    • Create key bundles for maintenance staff
    • Administrate an unlimited number of users, keys and BEKEY products
    • Have a complete and realtime overview of key, address and user logs
    • Access specific reports that can improve the service to residents

Because of their success with the BEKEY SmartLock, the company has decided to expand their use of digital access technology and integrate another BEKEY product, the OrangeBox.

The OrangeBox is a smart relay that is used for main entrances, gates, garage doors etc. The OrangeBox is embedded into the existing door system, thus making it invisible from outside. The opening mechanism is the same as for the SmartLock. The residents who get access to both the OrangeBox and the SmartLock, use their smart phones and the BEKEY app, to open the doors.

3. Results

The implementation of the BEKEY system has yielded both financial benefits for our clients and other type of advantages reported by their employees and residents, such as:

  • Employees felt a reduction of the stress level associated with key management
  • Both employees and residents reported feeling more secure when accessing the property
  • Residents reported being more satisfied with the level of customer service

The successful implementation of the BEKEY system at Commerce Park Apartments can be easily replicated by other companies in the real estate and property preservation sector. BEKEY has an extensive product portfolio that suits most of the business needs in the property management industry. Furthermore, before committing to a full system implementation, the potential client companies can use the BEKEY system on a pilot test base. Contact us now in Europe or US and order a test pilot. BEKEY is present in the US through our trusted distributor Community Controls. Our test pilots usually run for 1-2 months and will allow you to see firsthand the benefits that the BEKEY products bring to your business.

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