All in all, not to brag, but we are an extremely smart and funny group of people, focused on retiring the good old key. It did its job admirably, but it is now time for the key to make room for BEKEY.


Open space

We work in an open space, so when one of us makes a really funny joke, we can all laugh. At the same time, it is much easier to collaborate and share information. We also have our grumpy R&D department who need a bit more quiet space, so we isolated them in a corner. They can do their work in peace, but at the same time they can still come out and socialize when they feel like it. We put a door between the sales team and us because those guys are crazy noisy, always high-fiving when they close a deal or screaming in excitement when reaching their targets.


The most important thing you need to know about us is that we celebrate everything with cake. That includes but it is not limited to closing a deal, winning a bid, developing a new product, birthdays, going on vacation, coming back from vacation, Fridays and the special day, “it’s been a long time since we had cake”. If you are worried about the extra calories, we have a gym at the office that you are free to use before or after work, plus you can choose to eat salads for lunch from our canteen.



“Competing” against the physical key, which is such a natural part of our everyday life, is not easy. That is why we focus on innovating, in places where the key can easily be beaten – the distribution of it! Therefore, regardless of the department you will choose to join, innovating and coming up with solutions to improve the way we do things around here is a must. If we only needed people to follow orders and have no say in how things are done, we would hire trained monkeys instead.

Team player

Most of our projects include a joint effort and we share the success equally. Therefore, when a colleague asks for your help, you can only refuse them if they refuse to help you back with your workload. Even then, you can take the high road and offer your help for the sake of the greater good. We love nothing more than a team player.

Curiosity and engagement

Last but not least we care about your attitude. Knowledge can be taught, skills can be developed, but it is up to you to show curiosity and engagement. As an opposite to the common saying, at BEKEY curiosity did not kill the cat, but instead turned the cat into a valuable employee, that shows a willingness to understand all the aspects of our business, how we interact with our clients and what our vision for the future is. So if you decide to join BEKEY we encourage you to stick your nose in everybody’s business, show interest, question the status quo and show us how we can do things better tomorrow than we did today.


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