Building contractors save time and money with digital keys

The construction industry has started to implement Bluetooth enabled smart locks and digital key administration systems.

Investing in a digital access solution allows the company to save money & time and gain piece of mind. With digital key systems only authorized users can gain access and e-keys cannot be “copied”, lost or misplaced.

Electronic locking systems make it easier to distribute digital keys and replace the use of mechanical keys altogether. These features have made a breakthrough among constructors and engineers. The largest supplier of digital access control solutions and Bluetooth enabled smart locks in Scandinavia, BEKEY, has seen an increasing interest from the construction industry.

With Bluetooth enabled smart locks, the administrator does not need to deal with the hassle of registering access and making copies of the keys. With the cloud-based software system, access can be distributed to every party that needs access. Furthermore, all the openings are registered in the system. The first electronic key system was sold to the construction sector in 2014, and today BEKEY has up to 60 clients in the construction & renovation industry. For many of them, the BEKEY electronic locks are just another tool carried from one project to the next.

A great deal of the BEKEY’s Bluetooth enabled smart locks have a nomadic life in the construction sector. However, with every new building, we can see that a part of the system is transferred to the property management associations. The property managers use the BEKEY system to distribute access to their employees and residents,” says Vincent Lazic, VP of US Sales at BEKEY.

Construction company Enemærke & Petersen (E&P), started using the BEKEY system last year on a renovation project of 1236 regular buildings in Glostrup, Denmark. Some of the buildings needed to have installed electronic access for residents. This was the first time that the company came in contact with Bluetooth enabled smart locks and BEKEY’s solution. The management quickly saw the advantages of using digital access control technology instead of the usual keys.

We saw the possibility of having a construction site where no key will be lost and the residents will feel safe, even though “strangers” will have access to their homes. This is a reality today,” says Brian Lyby, construction chief at Enemærke & Petersen.

Previously, when keys were lost, the lock needed to be replaced or in the worst cases, the entire locking system. At the same time, there were situations where 100 workers needed access on a given day to the same key box – and there was only one key for each apartment. This led to bottlenecks and confusion. Enemærke & Petersen consider that the BEKEY access control system has helped them achieve significant cost reductions.

Key management has always been an expense on the construction sites. Before BEKEY, a worker would have used between ½ an hour or one hour a day to get the keys he needed . And if you have 100 workers per day that need access to buildings and apartments, the amount of time “wasted” quickly increases,“ says Brian Lyby.

By using the BEKEY system, the time spent with handling keys is drastically reduced, which is reflected also in the work efficiency of the employees. At the same time,  Enemærke & Petersen place a great value on the increased security of the renovation project.

“It makes a big difference for the residents,” says Brian Lyby.

He considers the most important thing in regards to the security of the construction site is the system’s ability to limit worker’s access in accordance to the working hours. In other words, the administrator can send e-keys to employees, that are valid only on the time interval of their shift. Furthermore, the key registration makes it possible to follow up with workers that leave the doors open on a regular basis.

On the renovation project in Glostrup, Enemærke & Petersen in collaboration with the client, has used 197 electronic locks. These are moved around according to the stages of the project. Specifically, the contractor has created a mobile, internal locksmith, from where, the smart locks are delivered to various doors, as needed. It takes the designated workers 15 minutes to mount them on the door.

After the success in Glostrup, E&P has digitized access to another big construction project, where 136 smart locks are currently in use.

BEKEY informs that with big projects, there are typically installed between 50 and 80 BEKEY SmartLocks or BEKEY KeyBox units. Also smaller companies, such as mason companies can get access and get a digital key bundle.

We have made great strides within the Danish market, but the potential for BEKEY Access Control Solution is huge, both at home and internationally. We think also, that it will convince more property managers to use the system in the future,”  says Vincent Lazic, VP of sales at BEKEY.

The use of electronic access control systems in construction and renovation projects is also often the gate way to other types of customers.

It is not unusual that property managers take over the concept of digital access from the contractor, particularly the key boxes that are installed at common areas and give access to their own employees and residents,” Says Vincent Lazic.


BEKEY develops and sells Bluetooth enabled smart locks and a key management & distribution system. All the BEKEY locks  are activated via the BEKEY mobile app and access is distributed and managed via NETKEY, a web-based control panel. The digital keys therefore replace the usual mechanical keys.

For private doors, BEKEY has developed the SmartLock, an electronic door unit that is mounted on the existing lock in the door. For the multi-story apartment buildings, BEKEY has developed a Bluetooth enabled relay called the OrangeBox, a solution that lets the users “buzz” themselves in through the main door. All the BEKEY electronic locks are activated via the BEKEY app and are managed via NETKEY, the web-based software.

The BEKEY Access Control Solution is sold to government and companies. For these clients, the key administration and distribution is done through NETKEY, a cloud-based software. NETKEY makes it possible to give access to employees, partners and suppliers with standard or time limited access and to have a complete overview of the use of the access points.

BEKEY has been market leader for digital access solutions in Denmark since 2008. BEKEY is a wholly owned subsidiary by North Media, which is Nasdaq OMX listed.

For more information:

Vincent Lazic, VP of US Sales at BEKEY

+45 3120 9000

Brian Lyby, Construction Manager at Enemærke & Petersen

+45 2521 1620


Søren Krogsgaard, PR-representative for BEKEY

+45 4254 0747


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