The electrician needs his screwdriver to do his job.

The plumber needs his pipe wrench to do his job.

The carpenter needs his drill to do his job.

What do they all have in common?

They spend up to 30-60 min. daily handling keys.

What can BEKEY offer?

We remove physical keys from the equation, so no more time wasted handling keys.
All the doors are opened with the workers’ smartphones.
The residents feel safer as the workers’ access is time-limited.
Workers do not waste expensive working hours on key management.

Our latest client’s testimonial:

”Key management has always been an expense on our construction sites. Before BEKEY, a worker would have used between ½ an hour or one hour a day to get the keys he needed . And if you have 100 workers per day that need access to buildings and apartments, the amount of time “wasted” quickly increases,” says Brian Lyby, construction chief at Enemærke & Petersen.

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